Angela's Vision

Perspective on the Future

Angela has demonstrated her vision for consistent and continued integrity, innovation and efficiency in government--most importantly, where government directly affects nearly every adult citizen, in the Clerk & Recorder office! 

Her leadership has created a culture of innovation among the staff, which will continue under her tenure.  She has made a practice of engaging staff in solution-oriented brainstorming that enhances their professional experience and ensures that quality customer service is a collective effort all can take pride in having created.

In Vehicle Licensing, citizens will continue to see improved convenience and efficiency as Angela and her staff focus on utilizing current infrastructure to the best advantage and "think outside the box" into the future.

In the Recording Department – which is so critical for successful commerce in our area – efforts will continue that will soon ensure ALL recorded documents – back to the very birth of our county – will be digitally searchable and conveniently viewable.  Angela and her team are staying abreast of changes in the industry that are on the horizon and focusing on fundamental efficiency improvements in the performance of everyday tasks.

In Elections, integrity, security and accuracy will continue to be the focus for Angela and her team as ever-changing laws and rules are implemented and new equipment efficiencies are fully realized.  Angela has been careful to ensure that partisanship stays out of these processes in Larimer.  Under her leadership this care will continue!

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