Scott Doyle, Larimer County Clerk (January 2003- May 2013)

"Angela’s tireless study/research efforts, coupled with fairness in her interpretation of State and Federal law has afforded her the understanding of how to best serve citizens needs/desires across broad guidelines.  Her eye for detail and attention to complete and precise work have always been a priority."

"Angela's efforts are five-star!  Her ethics, integrity, and sense of fairness carry the real weight. As the retired Larimer County Clerk and Recorder, I support Angela in her desire to continue as the County Clerk as she has the knowledge and understanding necessary to continue providing the level of service Larimer citizens deserve."

Myrna Rodenberger, Larimer County Clerk (January 1987- 2003)

"Angela Myers has been the Larimer County Clerk & Recorder for more than five years and worked in the office for ten years prior to serving as Clerk.  She has exhibited dedication to high-quality customer service, integrity in elections, and innovative and efficient government.  As Clerk, she has demonstrated an outstanding ability to lead and maintain a high-quality staff.  I, myself, served as Larimer County Clerk & Recorder for 16 years and know first hand how complex the operations of the office are.  I am pleased to endorse Clerk Myers as the experienced and proven candidate for re-election as our Larimer County Clerk & Recorder."

Cliff Riedel, Current Larimer County District Attorney

"Angela Myers, our Larimer County Clerk & Recorder, is passionate about running fair and verifiable elections.  Larimer County residents are very fortunate to have Angela Myers at the helm.  Please re-elect Angela!"