Accomplishments as Clerk and Recorder


During Angela's tenure as Clerk, voter secrecy and process efficiency have been enhanced through the use of extraction equipment that automates removal of voted ballots from their envelopes. The entire election system has been successfully replaced – at a fraction of the originally anticipated cost - creating a much more efficient process that is now entirely paper-based and even more resistant to electronic tampering. Angela is adamant that partisanship  has no place in the process of administering elections, and all processes are conducted by balanced bi-partisan teams.

Vehicicle Licensing

Not just more of the same!  Under Angela’s leadership, dramatically increased transaction volumes have actually resulted in better government!  She respected staff expertise and engaged them in brainstorming and creating unique and wildly successful, COST NEUTRAL solutions such as:

  • Appointment option (first in the state) 
  • Transactions by phone (unique in the state)
  •  Chat with a technician in real time online (likely first in the nation for government)

Under Angela's leadership, staff have been recognized with Larimer County Innovation Awards in both 2016 and 2017. 

Public Records

Angela is aware that accuracy and ease of use of the Public record is paramount to successful commerce in our region.  She understands that her office is custodian (the “filing cabinet”) of the public record and that it is her job to make sure the public can access this information efficiently and effectively into perpetuity.

During Angela's tenure as Clerk, the entire recording system has been replaced, resulting in dramatically improved convenience: 

  • Online document access for those who create an account.
  • e-Commerce 
  • e-Notarization 
  • Instant back up of all recorded documents.